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SERIE SELFIE (2019-2018)




Perhaps the format is a simple excuse to show (us) our ego.

Pose. Posture. Post.

Unnatural. Impress those who see you. Show that I am special.

Better than the other one?

And it is the gaze of the other that which undresses, that shows the reality of being; and from this the individual is judged, condemned.

We keep that look. We solidify and externalize existence. Time does not exist, it is the eternal present, without changes. The photo. The selfie. Tied to the image ... to look.

Society chained us to looking and being looked at, as if stopping looking could become a crime.

"Man is the only one who is not only as he conceives himself, but as he wants himself, and how he conceives himself after existence, as he wants after this impulse towards existence; man is nothing other than what he does. "

Jean-Paúl Sartre

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